Forschungsprojekt am Institut

HELIOS - Microelectronics-Microoptics Co-integration
The "Hamburg Electronics Lab for Integrated Optoelectronical Systems" (HELIOS) addresses the cointegration of microoptical and microelectronic components. Together with partners at TUHH and University of Hamburg, the advantages of both domains are combined to open up new fields of application.

With a focus on brain-machine interfaces, the IIC is researching solutions for optical communication with the brain and exploiting the possibilities of optoelectronics for integrated, optogenetic transceivers. The integration of intelligent control electronics and advanced photonic devices, such as single photon detectors, enables new systems that bring us closer to a better understanding of the brain and the treatment of many diseases.

Contact: M. Sc. Julian Singer, M. Sc. Anton Geläschus