Forschungsprojekt am Institut

Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy
Visually speaking, cancer and healthy tissues are very different from each other, especially in more advanced cancer stages.
More important, they are not only visually different, but, if an electric field is applied to both tissue types and the frequency is varied in a wide range, it will be seen that the two tissue types have a spectral response quite different from each other. And this has all to do with the effects of cancer in healthy tissues itself and a lot of useful information can be derived from the spectrum.

The objective of this research is to study the spectral response of healthy and cancer tissues and cells by means of Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy. Interesting medical applications for such technique are the distinction between healthy and cancer tissues through the impedance spectrum, the monitoring of the treatment effectiveness, e.g. chemotheraphy or other drugs, the identification of the best points in time to give medicaments to patients so that they diffuse deep inside the tumors, among others.

Here at IIC we are developing techniques, tools, sensors, hardware with the strict objective to develop the technique for medical applications as further as possible in the near future.

Contact: M.Sc. Viviane S. Teixeira