Forschungsprojekt am Institut

Electronic Osteosynthesis Implant
Osteosynthesis implants are used in the treatment of bone fractures to stabilize the fracture and reposition bone fragments. The aim is to accelerate the recovery of the patients while minimizing their discomfort. Radiography is the classic method for monitoring the healing process. However, this imaging procedure allows only limited conclusions about the mechanical stability of the fracture. In addition, the procedure is associated with radiation exposure, which limits the number of examinations.

In order to enable a more precise monitoring of the healing process, an electronically instrumented osteosynthesis implant is being developed at the IIC which measures the mechanical stress using a strain gauge. An autonomous operation of the implant should enable continuous measurements and allow the implant to warn the patients if an overload of the fracture is detected. The necessary miniaturization of the electronics is achieved by integrating the sensor interface, data processing, digital control and other components in an ASIC. The implant is inductively supplied with energy and supports wireless data transmission.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (funding code: 13GW0199C).

Project partners: litos/ GmbH, BG Klinikum Hamburg gGmbH

Contact: M. Sc. Christian Adam