Forschungsprojekt am Institut

Compressed Sensing
In today's digital age it is hard to imagine life without sensors. On the contrary, the increasing number of sensors is severely shaping our lives. Research fields such as industry 4.0, autonomous driving or electronic consumer products are based on the massive use of different sensors. In recent decades, the underlying technological progress has not only led to sensor miniaturization, but also to highly precise sensor systems. The result: an unstoppable exponential growth in generated data.

In order to do justice to this data deluge, we at the IIC are researching novel compression approaches in sensor systems and their signal processing theories. Especially in the biomedical application of intelligent brain-machine interfaces, we want to solve current conflicts between increasing data rates, essential for parallel high-resolution spatial detection of neuronal signals, and the required miniaturization.

Sponsors: state Hamburg, Hamburg Innovation

Contact: M. Sc. Jonas Rieseler