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The research activities of the Institute for Nanoelectronics focus on two main research fields..

Design of nano-/microelectronic circuits

In this research field, we focus on the design of integrated circuits (microchips).

The application of the chips is mostly in the area of sensor interfaces, e.g. in medical instruments. The circuits are industrially fabricated; they contain analog and digital components like amplifiers, filters, analog/digital converters, digital signal processing (filter, data compression), microprocessors, and communication interfaces.

Particular emphasis is put on an optimal trade-off between low noise and low power operation of the circuits.

Nanoelectronic devices

This research field comprises simulation and modelling of the properties of future nanoelectronic devices.

Special attention is paid to the reliability of devices; in this context we theoretically and experimentally investigate degradation effects, leakage currents, and breakdown mechanisms. The goal of this work is to predict, for instance, the lifetime of memory chips.

A further research area is the fabrication of polymer devices for sensor applications.